Mott Adjunct to Present at Teaching Professor Technology Conference


The Mott CTL has some great presenters who enthusiastically share their ideas and experiences with their colleagues on campus. But when they have the opportunity to share their presentations with audiences on a national level, we’re not only excited, we’re extremely proud! Representing Mott at the Teaching Professor Technology Conference held in Denver, Colorado on October 10 –12, 2014, Katie Krcmarik, Graphic Design Adjunct Faculty, will be presenting with a classmate from Michigan State University, Brian M. Claesson-Patten. The title of the session is: Storyboarding: The Key to Creating Engaging Videos for Learners. The description of the session is:

A boring lecture is still boring even when presented in a digital format. This workshop will focus on using storyboarding to design and produce engaging and effective content for your online, hybrid, or flipped classroom.  Storyboarding, like lesson planning, provides a framework for creating successful content by helping you focus on what you want to say, what props or other materials you may need, and on how you will shoot your video. This workshop will walk attendees through the process of storyboarding to create engaging digital content for instruction.

Katie also shared that she will be moderating the Twitter chat for professors called #profchat on September 30 and October 7. They take place Tuesday nights at 8pm. Using twitter, you enter #profchat as part of your tweets so everyone can follow your post. It’s a great way to talk about issues in higher ed and connect with faculty across the country. Katie encourages faculty and staff to participate, saying it’s open to anyone!


Are YOU presenting at a national conference? Is the conference included on our list? Is it one that others may be interested in attending now, or in the future?

Share your news about your recently past or upcoming presentation on the regional or national stage! Inspire others to share and converse on how we can improve teaching and learning! Contact Mara Jevera Fulmer, Faculty Director for the Center for Teaching & Learning at Mott Community College with your news!